01. Takako is going to [lead] the discussion today.
02. Chretien is not expected to [lead] the party into the next election.
03. The fairy princess [led] the children through the forest to her castle.
04. I don't know the way, so you'd better [lead].
05. The teacher [led] the students down the hall to their new classroom.
06. I don't really know what I'm doing, so I'll just follow your [lead].
07. The dance students were told to follow the instructor's [lead] and just try to do the same thing as her.
08. A tour guide will [lead] you through the museum and will answer any questions you have.
09. The child [led] his new puppy outside and then played with him on the grass.
10. The police have few [leads] to go on in the murder case.
11. The detective is following a number of [leads] he got from some witnesses to the murder.
12. A [lead] from an informer eventually resulted in the arrest of a suspect.
13. George has a good [lead] on a job at a computer firm.
14. This trail [leads] directly to the campsite.
15. If you follow this road, it will [lead] you to the university.
16. After two periods, Sweden is [leading] Finland by a score of three to two.
17. Brazil [leads] the series against Costa Rica two games to one.
18. Péle was the [leading] goal scorer of his generation, and is probably the best soccer player ever to have lived.
19. The Americans have a strong [lead] going into the last quarter of the game.
20. His comments [led] me to believe that he was in favor of the project.
21. The expression on her face [led] me to believe that she was angry about something.
22. The child had eaten some [lead] paint and was very sick.
23. The plumbing in the house has old [lead] pipes that have to be replaced.
24. The fisherman put some [lead] weights on his line to pull it down to the bottom of the lake.
25. It is forbidden to use [leaded] gasoline because it pollutes too much.
26. They only sell [unleaded] gas in this country nowadays.
27. He has really [led] a good life since he won the lottery.
28. They [lead] a very simple life in the countryside.
29. She has tried to [lead] a normal life even though she has cancer.
30. He took the horse by the [lead] and walked with it into the barn.
31. All dogs should be kept on a [lead] while at the beach.
32. Drinking and driving is the [leading] cause of automobile accidents in the country.
33. The [lead] singer in the group has left to start a solo career.
34. George Harrison played [lead] guitar with the Beatles.
35. The [lead] cyclist fell on the last corner and didn't complete the race.
36. He got the [lead] in a new play at the Belfry Theater.
37. The [leading] role in the movie has been given to an unknown actor from Australia.
38. Paul Martin is considered the [leading] candidate to replace Jean Chretien as Prime Minister.
39. A Saudi Arabian proverb claims that obedience to a woman [leads] to hell.
40. A Chinese proverb notes that the palace [leads] to fame, the market to fortune, and loneliness to wisdom.
41. There is an old saying which reminds us that you can [lead] a horse to water, but you can't make him drink.
42. A German proverb suggests that work paid for in advance has feet of [lead].
43. An Iranian proverb notes that a gentle hand may [lead] even an elephant by a single hair.
44. Carl Jung once advised that everything that irritates us about others can [lead] us to an understanding of ourselves.
45. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, "Do not go where the path may [lead]; go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."
46. Napoleon Bonaparte once stated that a [leader] is a dealer in hope.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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